Our Unique Collections on Cape Cod

Sports Car Collection


In back of the Simmons Homestead Inn area, you’ll find a series of garages where there are almost 50 sports cars from the 50s to 80s, mostly English and all red except one British Racing Green 1960 Lotus Elite, their very first production car.

There are a dozen Lotuses, half dozen Jaguars, Triumphs, Austin Healeys and Morgans, MGs, and more. Bill raced a Datsun 240Z in the 1970s, and there are a half dozen Datsuns as well.

Click on this link ToadHallCars.com – FREE Admission to the car museum for Simmons Homestead Inn guests!

scotch collection

Single Malt Scotch Collection

With more than 620 different bottles of Single Malts, this is the largest collection on Cape Cod AND in America; and probably one of the largest in the World. Bill just built a shelf, then another and on and on ’til it took over what was another common room in the Annex.

Click on this Bill’s Scotch Collection on Cape Cod

The Cats

The inn takes dogs of all shapes and sizes, but we can’t take cats due to guests with allergies. Bill was always a dog person and had a Doberman when he came here. But leash laws just weren’t fair to the dogs, so he switched to cats. He has over 2 dozen now.

Mostly yellow ones that he took in at 6-8 weeks and trained them to be dogs, not ‘haughty’ cats. These cats come when called, walk with you and like attention and to be petted. They are outside untill 4 and then in for the night. They are only allowed in the first floor of the Annex, so wall to wall and just waiting for guests to come over and pet them.

Cape Cod Collections and Attractions: the Classic Sports Cars Collection at Toad Hall (next door), the Single Malt Scotch Whisky Collection and Bill’s Collection of Cats.

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