Breakfast at Simmons Homestead Inn

Gourmet? Nope. A good “all you can eat” full filling breakfast every day? Yep. Every other day something with eggs: scrambled, omelets, baked egg and cheese casserole. Other days something with syrup: blueberry pancakes, cinnamon raisin French toast, cranberry waffles. And all come with sausages or ham and lots of fresh fruit, melons, cantaloupe, watermelons, strawberries, blueberries and such. Egg breakfasts also have homemade breads, cinnamon crunch, blueberry, orange cranberry. And always bottomless servers of coffee, couple of dozen different regular, herb, decaf and green teas. And equal amounts of orange and cranberry-raspberry juices.

Families and Friends

The dining room has a half dozen tables that seat 2; and one with 4-6 seats for families, or just good friends, and there’s lots of them at our friendly Cape Cod inn. There are 3 tables for 4 on the side porch and rooms 9 & 10 have tables on the private decks. We aren’t going to wait on you out there, but you can haul out what you want on trays. The porch is the only place a dog can join you, if you have one with you.

Breakfast for Two

Always remember, at our romantic Cape Cod B&B, you can always take a tray back to your room and enjoy Breakfast in Bed! – Truly, an excellent gesture to love. Coffee and tea water are out about an hour before breakfast time. And if you sleep-in completely, coffee and tea are out all day, plus juices and fruits in the fridge.

Wine Hour Before Dinner

After a fun day of exploring the Cape or an Island or just chilling out after a day at the beach, you’ll wander back to the inn, want to relax and want to figure out where to go for dinner and maybe music or dancing afterwards. That’s why we do Wine Hour. In the evening, April or one of the other gals will serve you red or white wine, or beer, (if any is left over from breakfast) and let you hang out on the porch or lawn chairs in the summer and fall or in the common room in the cooler months; and maybe have a fire going if it’s really chilly. Then they will chat, find out what you want to have for dinner and show you actual menus from the best places that fit that bill. We also have some $10-15 off coupons for our special places. If reservations are necessary, the gals will make them for you. In warm weather, we’ll direct you to the restaurants with outside seating for you and your dog. You can take a dog inside a restaurant if you can convince them it is a ‘seeing eye’ dog. In the off-season, you can come back a little early and shoot some pool or even take a little nap. We don’t allow naps in-season unless you fall asleep in one of the hammocks and we don’t catch you. And, if you sleep past Wine Hour, there are booklets describing the restaurants that we do recommend and, of course, a box with their actual menus, in both buildings.

Extra Stuff for the Tummy

There are guest fridges in the dining room, in the Servants’ Quarters and in the Annex where you can stick stuff. There are also Cokes, Diet Cokes, bottles of water and all that you can have free, just replace them from the ‘stock’ so the next person gets a cold one. There are bowls of apples, cookies, nuts and more in the dining room as well as coffee and teas any time of day or night.

There are a bunch of places that will deliver pizza and all sorts of other kinds of foods right to the inn, so you can just hang out on the porches and yard in the summer and in the common room in the cooler months, and eat with your dog and chill out. If you couldn’t finish last night’s din-din and put your take-out in the guest fridges, feel free to use the microwave, plates and all in the kitchen and get your full money’s worth.

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Simmons Homestead Inn
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