Summer is a Special Time on Cape Cod and a great time to come out here to Hyannis Port. We are right in the middle of Cape Cod and near the Island Ferries and beaches. Weather is good, and everything is open and waiting for you.

Weekdays are $20 less than weekends, and even more savings if staying more than 2 days! Ask Bill for more details / info on our weekday deals: (508) 778-4999.

Lastly, Due to Yucko Spring Weather, Summer doesn’t look as good as it should, so WE ARE DROPPING OUR RATES BY $20 A NIGHT 🙂 Now it is even a better time to come out here.

Everything is wonderful during the Summer on Cape Cod, but the late Spring and the Fall are just perfect, and rates are lower, crowds down and everything open and waiting for you!

So check in – then stay and enjoy!