The Simmons Homestead Inn is not just the only historic lodging in Hyannis, it is also one of the few options for pet-friendly lodging in the area. If you are planning to bring along your canine companion, here are five helpful facts that will enhance your Cape Cod experience.

1. First Time? Take It Slow
If you’ve never traveled with your dog before, it can be wise to keep your first visit short. A two or three-day trip to our pet-friendly lodging in Cape Cod can be a great way to test the waters, so to speak, and determine if you dog is a great traveling companion. It can take a couple of short trips before a dog truly becomes comfortable with traveling, so don’t be discouraged if you dog doesn’t warm up to the idea immediately.

Dogs do tend to enjoy traveling with their owners, but it can be confusing and stressful for first timers. We recommend that you pack the dog bed, a dog crate and a favorite familiar toy along with the food. A few familiar items can lessen a dog’s stress level and make your guest room feel a bit more like home.

2. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise
There are tons of pet-friendly hiking and walking trails, as well as pet-friendly beaches, restaurants and cafes in Cape Cod. However, if you do plan to leave your pooch back in the room for an extended period of time, we have found that dogs are more receptive to being left behind if they have enjoyed a good dose of exercise prior to your departure. Taking a good long walk and perhaps playing a game of fetch releases your dog’s energy and they are more content to simply nap and relax while you are gone. You can step right out of our front door in the morning and enjoy a wonderful brisk walk through our charming neighborhood.

3. Seasonal Suggestions
Every season is a good time to visit our pet-friendly lodging in Cape Cod, but it is true that there are a few trails and beaches that restrict dogs during the summer season. In some cases, only the hours are restricted, but sometimes dogs are off-limits. We can provide you with a list of trails and beaches where dogs are welcome, as well as the many area restaurants and cafes that allow your four-legged friends.

If you are planning a winter visit, it is wise to keep in mind that dining with Fido can be tricky, as most pet-friendly restaurants allow dogs to sit with owners on their patios or outside areas and these areas usually are open only in warmer weather. You are always welcome to grab carry out, however, and enjoy it in our common room so that your furry friend is not alone.

4. Plan It Out
When you travel with pets or children, it is always a good idea to create a daily itinerary. This is especially true with dogs, as you need to find pet-friendly activities during your stay. You probably will be surprised to discover how many options are open to you and your dog in Cape Cod.

Aside from many beaches, trails and parks, dogs also are allowed on the ferries that head from Hyannis over to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. If you were hoping to see either (or both) of these charming islands, your dog can come right along with you. Several whale-watching boats also allow dogs to come along for the ride. There’s also no reason why you can’t enjoy exploring our many quaint villages and towns. While your pooch might not be allowed in all of the shops, you can window shop or perhaps have one person stay outside with your dog while another person pops into a shop, gallery or boutique. As long as your dog is leashed and you clean up after your pet, there is no reason why you can’t take your dog virtually anywhere you go.

5. Our Pet Policies
We are a pet-friendly lodging in Cape Cod, however, due to potential guest allergies, we cannot accept cats at our inn. We enjoy all manner of canine guests, but they do need to have current flea and tick medication. We do charge a $25 cleaning fee for guests who bring their dog.

While cats cannot stay in our guest rooms, we do allow other types of pets in addition to dogs. We’ve enjoy visits with everything from pet bunnies to hamsters and even a parrot or two. If you are searching for a pet-friendly lodging in Cape Cod, we are an ideal choice, centrally located on the Cape and close to a myriad of fun, dog-friendly activities and restaurants.