While we all love (and need) a vacation from time to time, one of the downsides of traveling is that our furry friends often are left behind. Rather than place your pup in an expensive kennel or lodge them with friends and family, we highly recommend bringing dogs along for the journey. Finding dog-friendly hotels and inns on Cape Cod is a bit of a problem, but we are happy to host you and your pets here at our bed and breakfast inn.


Here are some reasons why we believe traveling with a dog is a fantastic idea.


  1. Dogs are Part of Your Family


You and the dog will have a lot more fun



  1. Boarding costs a lot of money.


Boarding costs high daily fees and Hotels usually charge $25 per dog per day, which is also a lot. We at the Simmons Homestead charge a flat rate of $25 and not per day or per dog. If you are staying over 5-6 days there may be another $25 charge for the extra cleaning involved.



  1. You And Your dog are more comfortable Together.


While kennels provide a good level of security and even a trusted friend or family member might do an excellent job of watching your pet, as pet owners, we still worry about our dogs when we leave home. Having someone else care for your dog is just not the same. And believe me the dog worries a lot over you too. They are not even sure if they will ever see you again.



  1. Dogs Love Cape Cod


There is a lot that both you and the dog love about Cape Cod. In the Summer there are many dog-friendly beaches, dog parks restaurants with outside seating that take dogs. The ferries to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard also are pet-friendly, so you can enjoy both of these islands along with your furry friend. We can provide you with a list of places where your dog will be welcome. Additionally, many of our guests will bring along a dog crate. That way they can enjoy a few attractions where dogs are not allowed, but still return to the inn and enjoy time with their dog. There are a couple of beaches within ½ mile of the Inn that dogs can go to in the Summer. In the off- season, dogs can go to any old beach on the Cape and have a ball.

Obviously, not all dogs are ideal travelers, but if you dog does enjoy traveling, feel free to bring them along to the inn. Additionally, we also have hosted many other creatures here at the inn, including parrots, rabbits, hamsters and more. You are even welcome to bring along your faithful pet sheep, which we can tie up in the yard and use both as a conversation piece for fellow guests and to help mow the grass.


Regrettably, due to potential guest allergy issues, we cannot accept cats, but dogs and many other small animals are welcome to stay. Also, we do ask that all dogs come to the inn having their current flea and tick medication. If you have any further questions regarding bringing pets to our dog-friendly inn on Cape Cod, please give us a call.