Rooms & Rates

Room Rates & Extras

Accommodations – Relax on Cape Cod in an old sea captain’s home, the Simmons Homestead Inn in Hyannis Port, and enjoy your stay.

There are 3 rates shown with each room.

(Summer June 10-September 17/Spring April 1-June 9 & Fall September 18-November 30/Winter December 1-March 31). Those are the weekend and holiday Rates. Weekdays are $20 less except holidays.

If you are staying longer we will give an additional discount. The online booking requires 2-night minimum stays on holidays and weekends during the High Season. In many cases, we can still fit you in. So call us directly (508-778-4999) or e-mail – as the automated system can’t do that.

In several rooms an extra person can be included.

Rooms 1, 9, 11 can have a twin size roll-a-way that can handle an adult. We can get a 5 foot mattress on the floor for kids in rooms 1, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12. We can get a Port a Crib in most rooms for kids up to 3.

Adults are $40 more a night, kids 5 to 16 are $20, and kids up to 4 are freebies.

Dogs are allowed in any room and there is a $25 clean-em-up charge.

To Book Now, call Bill the Innkeeper direct at (508) 778-4999 today!

The Main Inn building

Is home for rooms 1 through 8, the main common room, the breakfast room, and porches. Rooms 1, 2, and 3 are on the main floor. Rooms 4 through 8 are on the second floor.

Room 1 – The Cat Suite ($230/$180/$160)

Brand new addition. Well, the front room is 200 years old like the rest of the house, but we cut a hole in the back wall and built a nice size bedroom. We converted the old bedroom into a sitting and relaxing area that is yours alone, it can also take a full-size twin rollaway bed if there are 3 of you. A great suite has replaced our smallest room. Lots of room now for all those cats to play. King-size wrought iron canopy bed and the inn’s largest bath with a cast iron tub. First floor facing the back. Gets a great breeze.

Room 2 – The Dogs’ Room ($190/$150/$120)

Corner room on the first floor that gets all the ocean breezes coming in from the southwest and the sunset to boot. Queen-size bed, small bath with a shower. Small but cozy, fun and relaxing – also a great room if you have a dog, as it is next to the door leading to the porch and backyard. In addition to the Dog Theme, there’s a cork wall that any guest can stick up a photo of their dog as dogs love the room!

Room 3 – The Atlantic Ocean Room ($200/$160/$130)

Queen canopy bed, nice bathroom with shower. Front corner room on the first floor. Also another great room for dog owners, as this one is by one of the front doors. Winter is the best, with a large working fireplace and all the wood you need. You won’t want to leave. Animals in this room come from Lemuel Simmons ocean voyages. Whales, dolphins, seagulls and even a winter penguin. Fireplace $25 more (if used.)

Room 4 – The Simmons Pond Room ($200/$160/$130)

Gotta be our most romantic room. Working fireplace in the winter, brightest room in the summer. Queen canopy bed, shower, and all that. Front corner room on the second floor. Gets the morning sun so you can get up and at ‘em early and get your money’s worth of Cape Cod vacation time. This is our most romantic room, as seven proposals were made here over the years. Animals are from Simmons Pond out back of the Inn. Frogs, toads, turtles, swans, and no mosquitos. Fireplace $20 more (if used.)

Room 5 – The Owls Room ($200/$160/$130)

Lots of hoots on the rear corner of the second floor. Queen brass bed, shower and great cross ventilation. One of the brightest and breeziest rooms overlooking the back yard and Simmons Pond.

Room 6 – The Rabbit Hutch ($220/$180/$150)

This was the original master bedroom, large room with a king bed, and lots of floor space. The bed has a net canopy and a nice sitting area. Huge bath, cast iron tub and shower. Beatrix Potter feels right at home here along with Thumper and Peter. More than 100 odd rabbits live here.

Room 7 – The Geese Room ($200/$160/$130)

Our country room is a nice, very bright barnyard. Runs across the back of the second floor overlooking the lawn. Exposure on three sides. You get more Cape Cod sun and breeze than anyone else. Huge bath, cast iron tub and shower. Cherry Shaker style four-poster queen bed that is a mile off the floor.

Room 8 – The Hyannis Port Room ($200/$160/$130)

The room runs across the side on the second floor and faces every direction with windows all over and a cathedral ceiling. The breeze blows over the dining room and comes in the back windows and out the front. That’s why we call it Cape Cod air conditioning. Queen Windsor bed, new bath with tub and shower. Pictures and animals all from within a mile of the inn. Off by itself at the top of the stairs and private.

The Servant’s Quarters

Are home to rooms 9 & 10. Both have private enclosed decks, which are great for dogs as well as people.

Room 9 – The Fish Aquarium ($240/$180/$150)

This room is a great large bright room with cathedral ceiling. There is a new bathroom with tub and shower. This room can be adapted as either a king-size bedroom or one with two twin beds. There is also enough floor space left over that a couple of kid mattresses can fit in just fine. We also added a private deck on this room. It has a table and chairs, and you can take breakfast back and get a suntan while eating.

Room 10 – Birds, Butterflies & Parrots ($250/$180 Spring $200 Fall/$150)

At the outside of the Servants’ Quarters, this is about our nicest, and certainly brightest, room. Cathedral ceiling, great old bathroom with a cast iron tub and shower. It also has twin French doors leading to a private deck. Heck, grab some of Bill’s breakfast and bring it back to your own table on the deck. King-size bed and a nice sitting area. Number one choice for folks with dogs.

The Annex

Is a separate building, across the driveway from the Main Inn. Take a 200-year-old Cape Cod barn and basically rebuild it, and you get a really great building. This building houses a common room, the billiard room, Bill the Innkeeper, and four bedrooms, including the two-bedroom suite. It also has Bill’s office, and the Inn cats live on the first floor of this building. There is a separate entrance to the upstairs rooms so no worries about cat allergies up for families with older kids. Combined, rooms 11 & 12 creates a 2-bedroom suite.

Room 11 – Cape Cod Critters ($220/$180/$150)

Raccoons, foxes, seagulls and ducks are all over this huge room. The cathedral ceiling shows how the two parts of the barn were joined. This is the largest room we have. Used to be Bill’s, and he has always pampered himself. Historic queen canopy bed and also has a full size twin if you need it for a third person. Great sitting area, and a ‘door’ overlooking the lawns and Bill’s garages.

Room 12 – The Two Bedroom Suite  ($320/$240/$200)

This is a 2 bedroom suite for families. There is a room with a queen size bed and then a separate room with 2 twin beds and then a common bathroom for the two. A mattress can be put in if there are five people. Sometimes, except Summers, it may be possible to rent just the twin bedroom part at the same room rate as queen rooms.

Room 12A – Horse and Hound Room

The ‘adult’ half of the suite has a queen-size bed. Like the entire second floor of the Barn, there is a high sloping cathedral ceiling. There are chairs, desk and lots of doggie things all over the place. There is actually a somewhat usable rocking horse in here. This suite is the ideal choice for families with older kids or in-laws traveling with them. Two rooms at less cost than two separate rooms.


Room 12B – Little Critters Room

Just had to find a place for squirrels, frogs, turtles and all the neat small critters. Also great for smaller people as well. This is the ‘kids’ half of the suite. Two twin beds that came out of my son’s room eons ago. Also has a rocker, carriages and lots of other fun stuff. The two bedrooms are connected by a common private hall that also has the full bathroom connected. There is a tub, shower, and a lot of space.

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