Specials & Fabulous Events

We are going to make staying a bit better for our guests, especially our returning ones.

Spend a little more time and relax here at the Inn. If you stay 3-4 nights we’ll knock off $20 a night. Stay 5 or more and we’ll take off $40 a night for you.

Most of our guests have been here before and keep coming back. We’ll give you folks $20 a night off in addition to any other discounts. We just like having you back. And you probably have a dog so bring the kid along with you.


Fall is really the best time to come to the Cape

Crowds down, rates down, every thing open and waiting. Still restaurant seating outside for you and the dog and the dog can go to any old beach it wants to.


Winter can be the most relaxing and enjoyable time to come to the Cape.

Most all the good restaurants are open year round, January some close for a break, but most still open. Albertos and Black Cat and Roadhouse and couple of others have great food in dining rooms and bar areas with working fireplaces. Here at the Inn we have working fireplaces in rooms 3 & 4 at a cost of only $20 more to cover cost of the wood. We have the fireplace in the Common Room going weekends during Wine Hour. And if you just want to hang around we’ll keep the fire going a bit longer and yo can have all kinds of food delivered right here and eat in the Common Room and if your pup is with you they can join you on the floor or couch. You can then kinda chill out and read the book(s) you brought with you. There are 12 great theaters at the Mall so yo can finally find time to do a little peeking and catching up 🙂 You can always check out cars and cats and shoot a game of pool in the Billiard Room. Come on out and enjoy.