In the Winter rates go even lower and the fireplace in the common room gets used most weekend nights at Wine Hour. Rooms 3 & 4 have real fireplaces in the rooms and you can use them for $20 to cover cost of the wood. On a lot of Saturdays in the Winter months there are special small concerts of folk and other music from years ago plus more modern stuff. Local restaurants offer complete dinner specials, and many have fireplaces in the dining rooms and bar lounge areas. Folks with dogs can have meals delivered right to the Inn and eat in the common room together with their ‘kids.’ Don’t forget to go through Toad Hall ‘free’ anytime of year. And don’t forget to shoot a game or two of pool over in the Annex in the late afternoon when it starts getting dark early. Heck take a glass of Wine over there and hold your own Wine Hour with a game of Eight Ball. Smile and enjoy the Cape during the day, a nice warm romantic dinner, and bring a book to enjoy in the evenings back here in the Inn.