Spring on Cape Cod

Well we are winding down Winter here on the Cape and glad Mother Nature is calling it quits. March and April is still a great time to come to the Mid-Cape area where the Inn is located. All the better stores and restaurants are open and crowds are manageable. On these bright cool days it is fun to drive around and check out roads and stores and beaches and all that without worrying about parking and all.

By mid-April all of the seasonal restaurants are open and by May all outdoor seating at restaurants are open and will take dogs as well as people. Dogs can go on any old beach they want this time of year. Several great places to eat lunch or have chowder and look out over the harbor and think you are plain lucky to be here right now. Then wander back to the Inn, open a book or your Kindle and sit in the Common Room or back porch and relax till Wine Hour Starts. Your pup can join you on the floor and then you can let April or Jeannie show you menus of our recommended places to eat and then come back cuddle and get a great night’s sleep with very good dreams.

As an added incentive, if you book now through April 30th we’ll give you an extra $30 a night off your stay up to May 19th. There will be a 2 night minimum to get the discount and you will have to call or e-mail us directly as the automated reservation system can’t do this special deal.

Come enjoy !